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Make analyzing medical records easier and cost effective when you call C. I. M. Legal Nurse Consulting, LLC.  Your personal consultanting secret weapon.  A member of NACLNC, the world's leading association of Certified Legal Nurse Consultants with access to a nationwide network of skilled healthcare professionals.

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My vision is " Accountability and Responsibility ".  I believe that most  people, at some point made a mistake or have witnessed or been a part of a accident. But not everyone accepts responsibility.  With my 15 years and present Emergency and Home Care nursing expertise and experience, we can make sure everyone involved is held accountable and accepts responsibilty.  In a professional and dedicated approach, I will assure a successful and profitable outcome. I'll act as your LNC with 30 different services. 

Professional Consultations

Together we can bridge the medical and legal fields  to win your case when you come to an expert. I’ve been an emergency dept. nurse since 1997, a home care nurse since 1999, a sexual assault examiner since 2009 and a American Heart Association Instructor since 2009.

I’ll use this knowledge to help you and your client prepare for court. Just give me a call, and I’ll meet with you at a time that fits your schedule to provide my professional consulting services.

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